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A year on the inside...

It's been a year since I've been on the inside. Meaning a year since our lives were turned upside down by the COVID-19 pandemic. And wow a lot has happened.

  • Mourned losing access to a gym

  • Took up running and started running virtual races

  • Participated in the Instagram push-up challenge

  • Lost 20 lbs

  • Bought no less than 10 pair of lounge pants

  • Started two different wine home delivery memberships

  • Tried a home meal delivery service for a week

  • Didn't step inside of a grocery store

  • Started complimenting people on their masks instead of their shade of lipstick

  • Turned our yard into a Halloween destination in our neighborhood

  • Didn't make sourdough, but I made a TON of banana bread

  • Started making fresh pasta

  • Celebrated Thanksgiving the whole month of November

  • Opened Christmas presents over Zoom

  • And while we're talking about Zooms … I have no idea how many zoom happy hours I've been on

  • Can't forget homeschooling

  • Hired a nanny to keep my only child from feeling lonely

  • Sanitized all of our groceries for the first 9 months

  • Gave up on ever being able to purchase Clorox wipes ever again

  • Traded toilet paper for paper towels with the neighbor

  • Backyard and driveway visits with neighbors and family

  • Perfected the 5 minute face and hair in case I have to get on a Zoom with a customer

  • Gave up all air travel

  • Went on an RV vacation to some of TX state parks

  • Wore gloves at the gas station

  • Ran a 10k and am training for a half marathon

  • Got dressed up for a Dr's visit

  • Discovered my need for alone time

  • Put my roller derby skates back on… and totally ate it in front of the neighbor

  • Became a heath coach and so far have helped people lose a total of 872 lbs.

  • Online zoom kickboxing workouts

  • Attempted to train to do pull-ups… I'm not giving up on this one

  • Pushed myself past my limits at times, but at least I found my limits

  • Started greeting in online


The list is forever long and now we're entering a new season. Still social distancing. Still wearing masks. But hopeful for vaccinations and travel and lots of fun in the pool over the summer! Stay safe everyone. Wear your mask and wash your hands.

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