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A year without a gym....

Going back to a year ago, we were coming back from a Disney cruise vacation that was somewhat altered because of the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic. And as we do with all vacations, I relaxed on my exercise and nutrition. My first agenda item when I got back was GET INTO THE GYM. And I did... and it was scary... and annoying because I felt the need to CLEAN ALL THE THINGS! And then we locked down. I panicked y'all. What was I going to do without my gym. I had fitness goals, and I needed to get the vacation fluff off. How was I going to do that? It's not like I had a home gym. I had a few weights and a few pair of sneakers.

I started scouring the internet for home workouts, subscribed to multiple mobile apps (some free some not), and searching endlessly on and craigslist for people selling their home gym equipment so maybe I could set up something outside on my back patio. The point was to not lose the momentum that I've been building up for 5 years. Plus, working out was something that I'd loved. And the gym was my happy place, so I needed to find that happy place without the risk of getting sick... or even worse... getting my family sick.

And that was just the beginning. And now it's been a year and going back to the gym is still not an option. And I think I'm still in mourning, BUT I didn't give up on my goals. I actually have no set some new ones. I've lost 20 pounds, I've found ways to work out without access to machines and heavy weights, I've lived a lot of this out loud on social media in search for others that are doing the same thing.... and found that I wasn't alone. The point is, I've made it without the gym. Not to say I won't be back once it's safe again... but I now know that I don't need it to stay healthy. It's doable. So this is what the year has looked like for me....

I've run, roller skated, lifted (light weights), biked, done pilates, yoga, kickboxing, attempted pull-ups, done 30 day challenges, did the Instagram pushups challenges, worked with a virtual trainer, used resistance bands a lot, tried and failed with resistance cables, foam rolled, stretched, and when I got a new spin bike for Christmas I started spinning a few times a week.

The point is I didn't stop. And I still miss the gym... a lot. And I will be going back, but until then I'll still be scouring Instagram for workouts I can do at home.

and if you're interested, here are a few of the accounts that I like to follow and a few apps that I love to use.

Apps: Aaptiv, Downdog, FitOn, and Peleton

Instagram accounts: @kenzzfitness, @lady_g_fit, @beverleycheng, @joetherapy, @thebettyrocker

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