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Genesis... or Something Like That

So a few months ago I was sparked to start a blog. I really just wanted a place to share how I was feeling about things and how I've found a healthy way of living when most of society was shutting down in the midst of a global pandemic. So I ripped off the bandage and actually created this site. I put a few posts up that were quick and easy and nothing of real consequence. And then I stopped. I didn't really think that anyone would want to listen to a working mom who was working at getting healthy… while helping others get healthy… and still struggling to just keep herself sane.

And then someone asked me what I wanted. And I couldn't honestly tell them. What does my future self look like? And I think for the first time I was really forced to evaluate that and recognize that I absolutely did not know. And then I had to sit with that. I was overwhelmed and feverishly tried to figure that out. OH THE PRESSURE!!! I imagine this is what some high school seniors feel like when choosing a college or a major. It's been so long since that day that I don't even remember what was going through my head at 17 years old making those choices.

But then I stopped…. Because I couldn't figure that out in 5 minutes… let alone 5 days. But I realized something. I realized that for so long I hadn't been looking out far enough. I just wanted to get through the day/week/month…. I hadn't really dreamed of being anything. I've always just wanted to do the right thing, be recognized for it, put one foot in front of the other, but I guess with no true direction. Just forward.

"I don't know where I'm going, but I sure know where I've been…" - Whitesnake

So I decided that instead of just making something up that sounded good, that I would take this year to really evaluate what I want. To do that, I have to look at my journey and what brought me to where I am now. From there I'll have to do some things I've not really focused on before. So here is what I will be doing.

This year I will let myself dream of big things.

This year I will challenge my limiting beliefs.

This year I will not focus on what's probable but what is possible… because anything is possible.

And I'm excited to take you guys along with me… if anyone out there is reading this. Hang out with me while I reflect and dream. While I build myself and really figure out what it is that I want. Because right now all I know is that I want to dive into a bag of chocolate chips…. And that's a whole other story.

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