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I did it for the fun of it.

Sometimes it's just so boring being serious all the time. I honestly don't think it's healthy… and you know how I feel about health. I was a party over the holidays and someone asked me what I do for fun and I sorta blanked. There are things that I enjoy doing, but I wasn't doing any of them. When did that happen? When did I get too busy to have fun? Don't get me wrong. I can have fun in my day to day, but what am I doing that's just fun? This is one of the reasons why 2023 is focused on connection. And my lack of intentional fun is a lack of connection with myself. One thing I love to do is getting together with girlfriends and doing girlie things. And all of that starts now. I have two events this week to gather with some gals. It’s a start. I'm planning more lunches, dinners, shopping trips… you name it. Someone invites me to go get a pedicure and I want to make time for it. The gals want to get together and just chill in the kitchen… well I want to make time for that too. I love this time with gals. I don't know if it's because I spend my time around males as a boy mom or what. But, when I'm around my gals I'm uplifted. I'm sure I smile more. Over the years I've made a lot of friends through school, my sorority, travel, work, church, roller derby and I love them all. What I didn't expect over these last few years is the friendships that I've made through social media. Hang with me here, I promise it won't get weird. But, during the last few years when we decided to physically distance I made some jumps into health coaching because I could do it virtually and it's allowed me to make a lot more friends. I got specific in how I lived out loud and let people get to know me and in turn I started becoming more interested in connecting through this platform. I've made friends through health coaching and rekindled friendships I hadn't visited in a long while. But all of this is through the use of social media. As I type this, it starts to sound kinda different. I like to think it's because I'm part of GenX and it just seems so strange to make friends through the computer because that's where the movies of the 80s and 90s kinda go sideways. In any case, it's where I've made some great connections and friends. So one of these friendships is a gal who posts a ton of inspiration and positive messaging. She's another mom, fairly younger than me. And she has a network marketing business through a cosmetics company. Or maybe they classify as a beauty brand. Either way, I love make-up. I love positive messaging. And I love funny… and she is funny. But she's also real and lives out loud and I can absolutely relate to that. We've been supporting one another for the last year or so… maybe longer. I love what she does, and I support her business by ordering makeup from her. Remember that I like girlie stuff, well you can't get much more girlie than talking for an hour about mascara. Right? So here's that I did this last week. I joined this friend and her beauty brand. It was free and I get a discount. (Discounts are fun too) No, I'm not quitting coaching. I'm expanding my circle of fun ladies. And WOW, this last week has been interesting. I'm now meeting some new gals who, like me, are looking for other gals to relate to and have fun with. Who support one another and are positive and helpful. I'm looking forward to this fun thing that I've done that's just for me. My thing. My fun.

(if you want to know details just follow my social media... more to come)

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