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I love dressing up.

One thing that I've noticed this last year is that you can tell by looking at my closet that my life has really really changed. Let me explain. My day job (pre-pandemic) required a lot of travel to either see customers or be in internal meetings. And I'm aware that this is not the current trend, but we are heavily business or business casual dress. It's just our culture. And I don't mind it. I love dressing up. And over the last few years as my body has changed with a drastic weight loss I had worked to intentionally build a wardrobe around my career. The majority of my wardrobe budget went to higher quality clothes that travel well and look amazing (thanks very much to and my fabulous cabi stylist). But, when we went into lockdown and all business travel stopped I would be reminded of this big change every time I opened my closet door. I had nothing to wear to just work from home other than a few pair of leggings that were in frequent rotation for working out, some old sweat pants, and a few pair of jeans.

Now in a world where we're constantly flipping from one teams/webex/zoom meeting to another it's not like I can't still show up. We can hide off camera with unwashed hair and what I call "housecleaning clothes" but sometimes I just feel like I need to show up for work. I've sat on zoom interview panels in leggings on the bottom and a suit jacket on top, or simply just put on a black top and some fabulous earrings. I mean seriously, we just don't have to come to work looking the same like we used to. And I can't tell you how many times I've gotten an invite for a meeting unexpectedly and had to go from gym clothes and "pineapple hair" to a zoom meeting. And being the annoying healthy person that I am… if I have that crazy bun on the top of my head, then I've worked out that morning and most likely have not showered. My girlfriends call these moments Eyebrows & Earrings moments, where we hurriedly head to the bathroom and grab the eyebrow pencil and mascara and some fabulous pair of statement earrings to offset the mess that we truly have going on.

All that said, these quick-change moments and work-from-home vibes have revealed a new obsession….subscription services and online shopping. I've got it all from a box of beauty and fitness products to a quarterly subscription for curated statement earrings. I keep all of my athleisure ambassadors on speed dial. Every week there's something new that's showing up at the door or in my mailbox. I don't even hide it anymore. I'm just supporting businesses that I really enjoy and staying fabulous. I know I have at least four packages currently in transit to my home. Well at least four. And all that said, if it brings ya a little happy in this year of online work, online school, and staying at home in your yoga pants, then girl do it.

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