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I Miss My Mom

Grief will hit you when you aren’t expecting it. Reminders will pop up and you're completely floored.

I have worked for FedEx now for 17 years. My mother worked there for about 19 before she passed away. Over that time, I had the chance to work with her twice. Once in Memphis for a little while, and later in Denver, Co. Both times we worked under the same director, but in very different capacities.

We used to do this thing where we’d show up for work in the same or similar outfits. The third time it happened was on Halloween and everyone thought it was intentional. It was not. But we went along with it in our same purple jacket and black pants. Later when we worked in sales together, the VP at that time thought it was the coolest thing that a mother daughter team supported the same group. We once showed up to an all-organization meeting wearing these really great tie-dyed skirts. We lived in different cities and had no idea. Goofy things like that happened all the time.

Today, all of these amazing memories keep popping up. I had a call today with one of the salespeople that was on our team when she lived and I’m glad the call ended early because I was just overwhelmed with emotion. He was speaking about how much fun he’s having with his grandkids, and I just kept thinking, I wish my mom could be having fun with her grandson right now. I was so thankful for my health. And that I am doing what I can to make sure I’m going to be here for mine.

Later someone shared the 25-year anniversary photo for FedEx. I remember mom being so proud to being in that photo. It’s like a “Where’s Waldo” kind of photo hunt to find her but she’s there. She’s there 3 times, in fact.

I love that we shared that time together in our careers. We both love this company and it's people. Especially those that we worked with together.

And I miss her.

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