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Let's Celebrate!!!!

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

It's National Women's Health and Wellness Day! And I'm celebrating. What annoying healthy person wouldn't, right!?! As a health coach I absolutely love celebrating people (women especially… cuz I'm one of those) who are taking their health and leveling up. I'm celebrating all those women who are working every day to be healthy and well. All shapes, sizes, and ages. All those ladies who are just starting to focus on their health and those amazing gals who have been doing this a long time.. y'all are to be applauded! I celebrated today with a 4 mile training run as I'm working on making this next half marathon my absolute best. How are you celebrating today? If you have no idea I'd like to make some suggestions.

  • Check out a new healthy or motivational podcast

  • Drink at least 64oz of water… extra points for a fancy water bottle

  • Exercise - Don't care how. Gym, run outside, a walk around the block, squats while you dry your hair… anything just move your body. Do it with a friend and even better!

  • And while we're on exercise - maybe try something new like pilates, yoga, spinning… whatever.

  • Look in the mirror and celebrate the things that you love about yourself. We spend too much time looking at the things we don't.

  • Take breathing breaks. Clear your head of noise and focus on your mental health.

  • Try a new healthy recipe

  • Meditate

  • Ditch the worn-out tee shirt and put on a cute workout outfit today. Rock that athleisure!

  • Do something that lifts your mood. For me that's doing my hair and make-up and rocking some killer earrings for zoom calls.

  • Randomly tell another gal she looks great today. Or that you love her confidence. You know how much you love to hear those things, so pay it forward.

Women's health and wellness is not just for one day. It should be every day. We just celebrate it officially today. But who are we celebrating it with?

I firmly believe that every woman should have a tribe. A community of likeminded people (not just women… we don’t' want to be exclusionary) to keep you going. Community is not just a concept. It's important. It's tough to keep a healthy momentum going alone so linking arms with other people and encouraging one another is critical. Unity with a group of people makes you stronger. It pushes you further. Ever wonder why you work harder in the gym than when you're at home alone. Because just being around other people pushes you to do more. Plus, we tend to act like the people that we spend the most time with. For me that's a 9-yr-old and wow, if I didn't actually talk to other people I would be acting like said 9-yr-old. But what if you don't have anyone else? Get on social media and join a health and wellness group, a running group, a fitness group. See what other people are achieving and working on to motivate you to keep going on your health journey. And don't just be a spectator. Participate and pay it forward. Share your stories of transformation and your achievements. Who knows who you'll inspire along the way.

So get out there. Do something healthy for yourself today. Something that you like. Something that makes you smile like a psycho while you're doing it. Happy National Women's Health and Wellness day!

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