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Same effort, different body

I love following inspiring people on social media. There are personal development gurus, inspirational quotes, fitness influencers, healthy eating resources…all of it. Every once in a while I find something that hits me between the eyes. Sometimes it hits because I feel convicted in my own journey and mindset. Sometimes it hits because it just reinforces the good that I'm doing for myself.

I read a quote recently that says "if we all ate the same meals and we all did the same workouts, we would still all have different bodies."

And that hit a bit differently. It made me curious in how I evaluate my progress. We all have an image in mind that we use as a goal. But is that an image of a "better you" or is it an image of someone else that is most likely 100% unattainable. Now usually, I would justify the latter with "whatever it takes to motivate you to keep going", but maybe that's not the best way to be. We see fitness models or just amazing athletes and sometimes obsess on looking that way. In my case I have been guilty of comparing my body to theirs, but I don't know their journey. It most likely is not anywhere close to the yo-yo diet past of mine. Most of them have been athletic since a very young age and I know fo sho that's not me. So how can I hold myself to that standard. I've been guilty of looking at bodies on social media and the only way I can look even close to that is getting a selfie at the absolute perfect angle with the perfect filter. Most of what is posted by those influencers are also perfectly posed and filtered. So are we trying to attain a filtered and posed fantasy and not a reality? Think about that. I definitely am today.

I have to be transparent for a moment. I totally took one of those perfectly posed bikini pics on the beach this past week on vacation. But then…. Well let's get real. Really real. I had to bring myself back to earth and realize that what the picture showed wasn't 100% real. So I followed up with a more real pic that celebrated the mom bod that I have. Yes there are things that I didn't like in that pic. But man oh man, there were still a ton of things I loved. And, yes, I wish I looked perfectly positioned all day err day, that's just not reality.

Through all of this realization and contemplation, I've decided that I'm starting something new next week. I set a plan and an intention and I'm ready for my day 1. I'm starting to log everything. I even got a brand new shiny notebook to start. The intent is not to obsess, but to document what I'm doing in a real way so I'm logging my workouts, what I eat, and evaluating every week how I feel about my progress and mindset along the way. And I'm going to be pretty public about it. I'll be blogging more about my progress and thoughts along the way. So buckle up butter cup. Y'all are about to really see the craziness in this ol' brain of mine.

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1 Comment

Jul 24, 2021

Excellent 😊

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