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So I did a thing.....

I'm not big on resolutions, but I am big on goal setting. Some goals are short term, some goals are long term. The long term ones are more about building a habit, a business, a pattern, a new way of living. So this January I was a part of a challenge and I set some goals for the month. I spoke them out to my friends and family and social media followers for some accountability. And I made them non-negotiable.

  1. Stay 100% perfect on my nutrition plan

  2. Commit to exercise daily

  3. Use my planner every day to help keep myself organized

  4. Read at least one book

I've never been 100% on my goals, short or long term. And I've always thought that it's ok, because perfection is just so unachievable. But this month I needed to prove that I could do something perfect for a short time because wouldn't it be cool if I did. So that was my goal... to actually do this perfectly for a month. Don't get it twisted... I didn't say that I had to be perfect. Just had to do what I set out to do daily and with consistency.

I'm happy to report that I achieved it. And while in the moment sometimes I didn't want to, I still did it. I didn't set out to prove anything to anyone but myself. I learned some lessons along the way during that month. Here's a few.....

  • What doesn't challenge you, won't change you

  • I don't care how many I do, I will always hate pushups

  • Some days are harder than others, but when motivation fails you, discipline kicks in

  • Not everyone has the same "why", but that doesn't mean that it's not as important as your own

  • Pain pushes until vision pulls

  • Perimenopause really sucks

  • I can do this, I can really really do this.

  • I'm capable of discipline

  • I embrace delayed success

  • I still hate pushups!!!!

  • I need to stop using my scale every day… I'm emotionally attached to what it says

  • No matter how I feel, I still move forward to my goals

  • When you live out loud… people watch you

  • The start is tough.. Not on your body, on your mind

  • Pleasure is in the moment, satisfaction comes with hitting your goals over time… Satisfaction is soooo much better

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