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So, I was a guest on a podcast….

This morning I woke up early…. I always wake up early but this is exceptionally early. And I do what any sane person does when they wake up, I looked at my phone. Y'all, I'm aware this is not a healthy habit but it's what I did. I'll evaluate my relationship with my phone another day. But back to my point… I woke up early, looked at my phone, and there it was!!! My guest spot on a podcast was put out for the world to listen to. Two immediate emotions… excitement and nervousness. Excited because this is something new that I got to do with a dear friend. Nervous because I started thinking all the negative things. I'm a highly critical person of myself. In my heart of hearts I would love to be perfect. And over the last few years I've actively been working on focusing on progress and not perfection as well as accepting that I am who I am…. warts and all. But for about ten minutes this morning I had a lot of thoughts go through my mind…. What if someone thinks I sound dumb???? What if I sound like a rambling fool? What if no one really understands what it is that I'm saying? What if someone judges me? And then I stopped and thought…. Who the heck cares? But we do this to ourselves a lot right? Well I'm speaking of everyone, but we all know I'm really just speaking about me. There are all these moments in the day where we question ourselves. What if I'm an awful mom? What if I do this wrong or don't sound intelligent? What if I'm not living up to this unattainable perfect persona that is knowingly or unknowingly putting pressure on myself. It can be maddening. This is part of the process I think. That we go through this questioning and get to the answer… it's ok. I'm ok. And I'm worthy. I listened to the podcast. Not because I like to hear myself talk. I just wanted to celebrate this new thing that I have been given the opportunity to do. And here's what I'm thinking now. First of all, I feel honored that someone would ever want to hear my story of how I made the decision to make health a priority for myself and then pay it forward as a health coach and annoying healthy person. Second, there's no way that I can get everything I want to say expressed in 45 minutes. And third, if what I had to say helps one person change their perspective on how to prioritize themselves then who cares what critics have to say. Because I'm me. Unapologetically me. I ramble sometimes. I laugh at myself a lot. But what I express is my love for my life and those that are around me. And today I'm celebrating that I actually got to say that and experience this new thing with a dear friend. *if you're interested in listening to a little bit of my ramblings and life history ...

Episode 3: Prioritizing yourself and taking your health back, with Rachel Bennet.

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