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Taking time to rest....

I'm busy. But hell, who isn't these days. I had to take a break.. mostly because I had vacation time to burn. One of the things that I've observed this year, is that with no place to go (thank you COVID-19) we don't take the time off we need to unwind. So I took a whole week off, and went nowhere. When I do this I usually fill up my days with being busy and working around the house. What always happens is I end up more tired than when I started. Yes, I've been productive, but did I really rest. So I set two intensions; to work on a sewing project and to bake more. These are two things I love to do, but never take the time to do them properly. I find them therapeutic. Almost like meditation.

Now you need to know this about me. I'm not a seamstress, not even close. I'm also no professional baker by any means. But you don't have to be the best to enjoy the process. And I did enjoy the process. I didn't feel rushed and I didn't mind that it wasn't perfect. I didn't worry with the emails from work that were piling up. I didn't worry that there are still about a million organization projects that I could be tackling. I just set an intention to enjoy the process.

The result, I enjoyed my little staycation. The lesson, take time for yourself to do something for you.... even if the product is for someone else.

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