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When you just don't wanna....

So lately... well to be honest for the last year almost... my motivation is all over the place. The main culprit.. HOT FLASHES. Sometimes they last a minute, sometimes hours, sometimes it feels like all day. Who the heck wants to work out and get sweaty when you're already sweating your rear end off!!! It's crazy. I've read about a million articles and talked to my doctors about it. There's a laundry list of things that can help with these and one of them is getting regular exercise. But maaaaaan... some days you just don't wanna.

It's on those days that discipline is formed. When you do the thing that you don't wanna do because it get's you closer to the thing you want most you build discipline. Do this consistently and over time it doesn't matter where your motivation is. Because whether you want to or not you're going to do the thing you need to do. And you're going to be sooooo much better for it.

Go do the things you need to do! And on the days where your motivation is low, celebrate the heck out of yourself. Because you did the hard thing.

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