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Who knew I'd enjoy journaling....

Journaling has never been my thing. I'm great at making lists and excuses. But not journaling with consistency. I have so many journals that I've started and then end up being books for webinar notes or grocery and Christmas lists.

It's like I exchange what I feel for what I can do. There's got to be a lesson there somewhere.

Every year I think about making it a part of what I do. And I last a literal day. So this year I'm taking a new approach. I now have 3 journals that focus on a different aspect of me.... Success, my emotions, and my family. So instead of getting sucked into a blank page I have prompts to write. And I started on December 29th because I'm an overachiever and didn't want to start on January 1st with the resolutioners.

Want to know what I've figured out? I actually like it. I like it enough that right now at 7:51 p.m. I'm writing about it in this silly blog of mine and looking at my reminder to pick one of these to write in before I go to bed tonight. Some of what I write I'll probably share here and much of it I won't... I mean... some things should be just for me. What I will share for now are the journals that I'm using. Feel free to join me in my journey toward making journaling a habit.

The Inner Me: A Journal to Connect with Yourself and Discover What Brings You True Happiness, Editors of Chartwell Books

Braver By The Day: A Journal for Finding Your Voice and Living Boldly, Eva Olsen

My Family Story, Editors of Chartwell Books

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